Union Hill
Middle School
Contact School
Address: Union Hill Middle School
               3808 Hudson Avenue
               Union City NJ 07087

School phone: 201-348-5936

For attendance call: 201-348-5936 X 2116


For contacting a teacher:

  1. Find out the teacher's email address in the Staff Directory.
  2. Email the teacher
  3. You may also call main office and leave a message for the teacher.

Call 201-348-5936 and then dial extension.

 Name    Extension
 Mrs. Victoria Dickson, Principal  2149
 Mr. Tim Crabbe, Asst. Principal  2200
 Ms. Kathy Guzman, Parent Liaison     
 Child Study Team Office
 Ms. Zulma Solis, School Nurse
 School Base Office
 Diane Gravani, Guidance